OctroTalk is available for Apple (iPad, iPhone, OS X) , Nokia Smartphones (Symbian OS), Android phone, Android tablet, Window phone 7, Window Mobile Smartphone and Pocket PC and Windows desktop.


OctroTalk is an integrated instant messaging application VoIP call, SIP call, video chat/conference, live video streaming and P2P file transfer. This makes OctroTalk one of the world's most powerful IM applications.


OctroTalk for Symbian and Windows Mobile has 15-days free trial period. After the expiry of the trial period, you can buy OctroTalk software for one time cost of $19.95. The license for OctroTalk for Windows will not expire.


OctroTalk for iPhone, iPad, WP7, Android and Desktop is free.


A priced version of OctroTalk for WP7 is also available for $2.49 at Windows Market.


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